Monday, May 4, 2009

Map Points Cubic Clustering

Here is yet another clustering application. This is very similar to GeoCubes. It is based on a simple but effective algorithm, where the map extent is divided into "cubes". Given a map point from a set, the associated cube that it lies above is selected and the cube internal count is incremented. After processing all map points, the set of cubes with an internal count greater that one are displayed. Here is the application in action. And like usual, the source code is here.


Morten Nielsen said...

Hmm is it my computer, or does it forgot to update the clusters on pan? (zoom in to an area, then pan outside that area and you see no clusters).

Unknown said...

Not ur computer - but a "feature" - there is a filter in the cluster manager that only selects points in the map extent. Adjusted the code in such a way that the filter is now 3 times the map extent. Thanks.

mapBaker said...

Any chance of writing a sample of this using a map service of points?

That is, clustering the graphics...(I think..)

Petr said...

I tried to run app in flas builder 4.0, so I downloaded your source code, but when triing to run app, i get error saiing that was not found file ArcCubes.html.
The same it was with app EXIFApp.

Can you hlep me ?
It is possible to get source code not as a app, but as widget for 2.4 FlexViewer ?

Unknown said...

This is now implemented in the latest arcgis core api for flex.