Monday, March 24, 2008

ArcGIS Server Flex API

Just got back from ESRI's Developer Summit in Palm Spring, where I presented the ArcGIS Server Flex API. You can download my presentation from here. This API is intended to be released post 9.3 and will be based on the REST protocol and is very closely modeled after the JavaScript API. In the presentation, I showcased how to build a map application and how to create dynamic and tiled layers. In addition, I added graphic layers with adjustable graphics and demonstrated how to subclass a GraphicLayer to create a GeoRSS layer.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Unable to resolve '[file]' for transcoding

So I was happy building my project in Flex Builder, till I committed my code and CruiseControl complained that I cannot build it ! See, CC uses compc (the command line compiler) to compile the module and it was returning:

unable to resolve 'assets/cross_cursor.png' for transcoding.

Here is what the code looked liked.


So I said to my self, "Oh come on! I thought you can handle pngs. Poop !" - Googled the error and found this link. And the solution was to add a "/" in front of "assets":


Now I'm happier :-)