Sunday, October 26, 2008

Unit Testing with Fluint

If you like FlexUnit, then you really wanna check out Fluint. It does the basic unit test assert stuff, but my favorite is the sequence testing. This is where it blows FlexUnit out of the water. Great job Mike, Jeff and Mike, you have a new convert !


ADAM said...

Flunit is what ? what is sequence testing ? Is it a next flexUnit framework in the future.

ThunderHead said...

viatropos said...

Hey thunderhead,

I was wondering if you knew how to test adding/removing movieclips, sprites, and/or uicomponents to a uicomponent in Fluint. While sequences are good for setting values and dispatching events, I don't yet know how to to addChild things with them. Any ideas??


ThunderHead said...

Not sure exactly what you mean :-( Are u saying that u cannot add children to an added component at setup time ? and if it is too early, can u do it in a callLater ? shooting in the dark here - sorry !