Thursday, October 23, 2008

[ANN] Flex Mapping API

I'm pleased to announce that we just released the Flex API for ArcGIS Server. Check it out here, and make sure to tell us what you think. Good or bad. I'm already on the road preaching the cool stuff you can do with it :-). BTW, it works on Flash Player 10 (though this is not "officially" supported), taking advantage of the speedier JIT and AVM. Check out the samples and the associated source codes to see how it works in MXML and AS3. Happy Mapping All :-)


Stuart said...

Congratulations Mansour & team! This is a significant milestone for ESRI online mapping. Great job!

Blue Raster said...

Great to hear the news direct from you, Mansour. We will be implementing it right away in all of our ArcGIS Server Flex API applications. All of the 'other' API's will have lots of work to catch up to what you and the team have delivered!

Prem said...
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