Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Oracle Can Improve Java

Found this great article "15 Ways Oracle Can Make Java Better (and Improve Its Stance with Developers)" - here is my "in the weed" take:
  1. Keep JavaONE - with heavy focus on developers.
  2. Embrace OSGi down in the core VM.
  3. Kill JavaFx - Work closer with Adobe on Flex / BlazeDS / LCDS.
  4. Improve Dynamic Language Support - groovy / scala / JRuby / Jython /etc...
  5. Talk to Google about ME (seriously?) / Android
  6. Kill NetBeans - Eclipse may be King, but IntelliJ is God !
  7. Introduce new language primitives XML / Function / JSON.
  8. Improve language - set/get bean, native String ( switch myString {case "foo": ...}) as for casting.
  9. LINQ for Java - LCDS can help here.
  10. Talk to the Spring folks - there-is-only-one-framework-zuul :-)
  11. No "Effing" store !
So....what do you think ?


Anonymous said...

For me this one is very important: "Kill JavaFx - Work closer with Adobe on Flex / BlazeDS / LCDS"

Thanks for sharing ...


Wile E. Coyote said...

I can't understand why people tolerate the unstable mess that is Eclipse. Eclipse gets in the way, IntelliJ just lets me focus on my work.

OSGi in the core would be fantastic. There were some JSRs that together provided a lot of the same functionality - what a waste of time, just bloody adopt OSGi, bozos.