Monday, July 13, 2009

Indoor Routing for UC2009 on iPhone

Yes - just finished a native iPhone application (not using Safari) that uses the ArcGIS Server REST endpoint to create a 3D path between rooms in the San Diego Convention Center for the 2009 User Conference - this is _not_ an officially endorsed application (Yet :-) but for me, it was a great experience to see if I can get the iPhone to connect to AGS and render the result path in 3D as vector graphics. Yes, vector graphics - this is _not_ an image - if you drag your finger across the screen, the SDCC floor will rotate to give you a different perspective of the path. Cool eh ? Will be showing up at the UC on Monday, so stop by the Flex booth if you wanna see it live and have an AR version on the browser - AR you ask ? Just stop by :-) Here are some screenshots of the app - looking forward to seeing a lot of u there.

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Andrés Luque Rivera said...

Hi, is there any chance to get the soruce code of this app to test it in a simulator???