Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Skinning InfoWindow using Degrafa

Here is an example of how to skin the border of an InfoWindow using degrafa. This can be done using CSS by defining a skinBorder to InfoWindow as follows:

InfoWindow {
padding-left : 5;
padding-right : 5;
padding-top : 5;
padding-bottom : 5;
tip-width : 3;
tip-length : 3;
border-skin : ClassReference("IWBorderSkin");

The IWBorderSkin is a sub-class of a degrafa GraphicBorderSkin. Like usual, you can download the source from here.

1 comment:

elmono said...


i am trying your code but it doesn't work when i compile with ant

i get this

[mxmlc] /home/jmiguel77/Projects/sig/visor/src/main/flex/ec/gov/senplades/sig/visor/main.mxml
[mxmlc] Error: Access of undefined property IWBorderSkin. [Generated code (use -keep to save): Path: /home/jmiguel77/Projects/sig/visor/src/main/flex/ec/gov/senplades/sig/visor/generated/ec/gov/senplades/sig/visor/, Line: 549, Column: 23]
[mxmlc] /home/jmiguel77/Projects/sig/visor/src/main/flex/ec/gov/senplades/sig/visor/main.mxml(5): Error: Definition IWBorderSkin could not be found.
[mxmlc] pageTitle="Visor"